Photo 2- Black and White

For this weeks assignment I decided to take pictures in black and white. In order to make black and white how its meant to you have to choose two contrasting subjects. For example if you had two items that are the same color the picture will just turn out gray. I enjoyed this assignment because I got to use different modes on my camera and be able to learn how to use it a little bit better.


ISO: 400

F-STOP: F/3.4

Shutter Speed: 1/8 sec



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Photo 2- Inspiration

For this week’s assignment I plan on doing black and white. I like doing black and white because it makes the contrast of the subjects more visible. Also I like how it has a vintage feel to it. I got inspired by these two photos off of

Assignment 4 – Framing

         For this assignment we had to pick 8 different pictures and then frame them in photoshop. There was 4 different ways to frame therefore we had to do the same frame twice but with a different picture. Each framing technique had us using various tools in photoshop. We learned not only how to frame a picture but also more about photoshop. I found this assignment frustrating at times because the frame couldn’t;t always turn out how it was suppose to and I would have to start over. However I like that I now know even more tools in photoshop.


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Photo 1: EVENT

For this assignment we had to take pictures and I chose to take pictures of an event. The event I went to was a family members wedding shower. For my main picture that I’ll be turning in I brightened it and made it more contrasting. All of the photos I took were in Macro setting. When I tried to turn Macro setting off and take pictures of people the pictures didn’t turn out how I wanted them to. I learned in this assignment that it is much more easier to take a picture of something still rather than a moving subject.


ISO: 125

F-STOP: f/3.2




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Liquify Assignment




For this assignment we were asked to play around with photoshop filters. I enjoyed this part because messing around with the many different filters was funny. After we were done in photoshop with our images we were to turn in our two favorite images that we changed. Doing this it showed us how much you can change a picture and how media can take it too far. I believe that photoshopping in the media should have restrictions on it because it gives us images that we are supposed to look up to but will never live up to them. In reality the pictures in magazines and on billboards are fake because they have photoshopped them so much. The before shot of the picture SHOULD be shown right next to the altered image in the media. This way we can see that there is no such thing as perfect and in order to get that perfect they have to change it that much. Photoshop is fun to play with however, its taken too far when completely altering a body.

Panoramic- Assignment 2

For this assignment we were asked to put together a panoramic. This means that you had to take 3-6 pictures of one area and overlap each picture 30-40%. Once uploaded into photoshop the program put the picture together for you. I liked this assignment because I learned more how to use photoshop and its settings.

Principles of Design- Assignment 1

For this assignment we were asked to to numerous each showing a different principle of design. I learned that there are many helpful hints to making a photo look more artistic. I liked this assignment because I think these principles of designs will help me take better photographs in the future.

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Order of Photos:

1. Balance

2. Contrast

3. Emphasis

4. Movement

5. Proportion

6. Repition

7. Simplicity

8. Space

9. Unity