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Photo Assignment

For this assignment it was a lot like panoramic. We had to take a series of pictures of one scene so that each picture was overlapping 30-40%. The only difference from panoramic to panographic is that you take the pictures at different angles. Once all the photos are put together you get jagged edges. I didn’t like this assignment because each picture took so many photos that once it was creating in photoshop it took awhile.


Photo 5- Panoramic

For this week I decided to take pictures to create a panoramic photo.In order to do this you have to take a minimum of three pictures spanning a scene. Each picture must overlap each other by 30-40%. Then you upload to the pictures into photoshop and click photomerge. I liked this assignment because it was something different than just taking a picture and editing it. Also it gives the picture a cool effect once they are all put together.

Assignment 7- Portrait

For this assignment we had to take portrait pictures. This means that we had to go to a studio setting with a white back drop. Then put a subject on a stool and take a photo of them. We had to be able to look like a professional. There for the subject had to be sitting up straight and smiling. This assignment was difficult for me to do because I couldn’t get the right angle of the subject from where I was sitting. My pictures tended to turn out darker.

Photo 4- Macro

For this week I decided to take pictures for Macro. This means that on your camera you have the Macro setting on. In order for the macro setting to work properly you need to be within 1 foot of your subject. I liked this assignment because I got to go outside. Also I like how when you take a picture in macro setting the background is blurry.

Exposure Triangle:

ISO: 320

F-Stop: F/3.2

Shutter Speed: 1/30 sec



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Assignment 6- HDR

For this assignment we had to put pictures into high dynamic range.(HDR) In order to do this you have to take three different pictures of the same subject. On the bracket the first picture had to be taken at a number of -2. Then a picture at 0 and the last one at +2. This made it so the first picture was really dark. The second picture was normal and the third was too bright. After taking pictures we had to upload them into photoshop using HDR Merge Pro. Once all the picture were put together in photoshop it made it so you could see the shadows and details more. You could see the shadows and details more because the pictures were taken at different levels.I liked this assignment because once the picture was done it made it look more realistic for what we see with our eyes.